Flow & Glow Yoga

Flow & Glow Yoga are Liana's classes for all levels, every day of the week.

Classes from Monday to Monday for total beginners or more experienced yogis. Check class descriptions on Booking Info to find out which class you would like to attend. Please get in touch if you are unsure if the class suits your level of practice and if you need more guidance on how to start practicing Yoga with me. 

Level 3 Yoga Teacher - 300 hours • Level 2 Fitness Instructor • LesMills BodyBalance Instructor • First Aid Certified • DBS Checked • CPD in Yoga and Mindfulness for Adolescence - 100 hours • CPD Pranayama • CPD Yoga Nidra • Reiki 1

My Yoga Journey started in 1996 in Brazil when I stepped into an Ashtanga Yoga class to de-stress from a demanding and successful career in the Media Industry. I added Yengar Yoga to my week routine and years later, I was fortunate to practice Pre-Natal Yoga during my three pregnancies. Balancing work and family made it hard to keep up with my practice and I experience some unhealthy moments. My yoga teacher encouraged me to read one book and develop a home practice if I couldn’t attend Hatha Yoga classes at my local gym. 

After a long career break and migrating to England, it only felt right to dive deeper into this practice that made me feel myself again. In 2017, I became a BodyBalance Instructor, and soon after I qualified as a Yoga Teacher where I deepened my knowledge about this way of life that unites mind, body and soul. In 2019, I qualified to teach to the younger population and very often I broaden my knowledge with workshops and courses so I can offer fresh and different information to my students. After all, my profession, hobby and passion is Yoga and I am always happy to encourage people to experience some kind of Yoga, no matter age, gender or body shape.

Love and light,

Liana Oldham

Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is to inform you that Flow & Glow Yoga collects personal information about you once you register for our services. Flow & Glow Yoga does not transfer personal data to persons and/or other companies. Your information is only shared with our online support services GoRight App, GoCardless and Stripe which provide the booking services, as well as MailChimp which is our means of communication through email. Your data is retained only whilst you hold our membership or class pass. Please be aware that we will respect your information as we would wish our own to be treated.

Terms & Conditions

Passes and Classes

1.    All passes are non-refundable, non-transferable and have strict expiry dates.

2.     All prices and expiry are dates are listed when you purchase the pass.

      Classes are to be booked online. If you experience any difficulty, please phone 07414549095.

4.     You may cancel a class up to 1 hour before it starts and you will not be charged for that class.

5.     If you fail to attend an online class, the class will be charged for, but you may request if a recording is available for you. If a recording is not available, you will be offered a recording of a class that suits your level of practice.

Health and Safety for Online Classes

As part of your yoga journey it is important to select the appropriate level for your experience. You are encouraged to take breaks and/or when in doubt, don’t do sequences or poses that you are concerned about. We will always offer other options to adjust or modify your practice but note that you are taking part in Online Classes at your risk.

Before we start our online practice, we will always ask if there is any health condition(s) for us to be aware of. We expect you to be honest and inform upon how you are feeling. If you prefer, you can send us a message or email prior to the class.

If anything concerns you during group classes, speak once class has ended and I can clarify any doubts. During private classes you have the option to keep audio open and ask questions at any time. 

If you feel unwell or if you experience any discomfort during the class, please stop and contact me once the class has ended for general guidance on Yoga. I am not a medical practitioner and I cannot offer medical advice. If you feel any medical discomfort please seek medical advice immediately.

Please consult your healthcare practitioner before starting any new physical activity. This is particularly important if you are overweight, pregnant, breast feeding, regularly taking medications, or have any existing medical conditions.

Online Yoga Classes may not be suitable to your current physical or mental health. I do not accept any liability for any injury or damage arising from participating in my Online Classes.

Prior to our start, please check that the area where you will be practicing Yoga has no obstacles or hazards. Make sure there is enough space around you, so you practice Yoga safely. I also recommend that you place your computer, laptop or phone on a position comfortable for you to observe class without craning your neck. When needed, change the position of your mat and/or device, and join when you are ready and comfortable.

Please follow my guidance for warming up and cooling down, it is as important as the main part of the class.

Do not practice Yoga if you have used alcohol or drugs.

It is best to practice Yoga on an empty stomach, or after a very light meal 2 hours prior to class. Stay hydrated during the class. 

Age considerations

Children over 11 years of age can take part in class by themselves and it is the parent's responsibility to decided if access to class will start from invitation sent to parent or guardian’s email address, or the child's e-mail, or both. Children younger than 11 years of age must have a parent or guardian in the same physical place during the whole class(online).